Budget Invests in PA’s Future, Hershey Says

Jun. 25, 2021 /

HARRISBURG – The $39.8 billion budget approved by the House of Representatives and Senate on Friday makes important investments in public schools, early childhood education, state police and services for those with intellectual disabilities, according to Rep. John Hershey (R-Mifflin/Juniata/Franklin).

Hershey Starts Second Term in Office

Jan. 05, 2021 /

Hershey Starts Second Term in Office

HARRISBURG – Rep. John Hershey (R-Mifflin/Juniata/Franklin) took the oath of office Tuesday to begin his second legislative term in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

Hershey Named to Appropriations Committee

Dec. 29, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. John Hershey (R-Mifflin/Juniata/Franklin) has been named to the House Appropriations Committee as he begins his second term as a lawmaker.

Hershey Announces District Office Changes

Dec. 16, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. John Hershey (R-Mifflin/Juniata/Franklin) has made changes to the schedules for his district offices to better serve residents of the 82nd District.

Hershey Supports 2020-21 State Budget

Nov. 20, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Rep. John Hershey (R-Mifflin/Juniata/Franklin) voted “yes” Friday on a $32 billion budget that finishes work started in May.

Hershey Praises Bill Targeting Frivolous Lawsuits

Nov. 20, 2020 /

HARRISBURG ¬– A House bill that would protect businesses, schools, nursing homes and others from frivolous lawsuits passed both the House and Senate, and awaits the governor’s signature to become law.

Friends of the Embassy Theatre Awarded Grant

Sep. 14, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – Friends of the Embassy Theatre Inc. has been awarded a $100,000 grant for upgrades to ensure the historic theater in Mifflin County is usable by modern audiences, according to Rep. John Hershey (R-Mifflin/Juniata/Franklin).

Hershey: Temporary Budget is a Sensible Step

May. 26, 2020 /

HARRISBURG – On Tuesday, the House of Representatives passed a temporary budget to allow for a more detailed financial picture to emerge following the worst of the COVID-19 crisis.

Klunk, Farry and Hershey Bill to Aid Social Organizations During COVID-19 Crisis Heads to House

May. 05, 2020 /

HARRISBURG –During this time of crisis and economic uncertainty, social organizations are also feeling the financial constraints of a closed economy. To aid this these organizations, which provide charity contributions to our communities, Reps. Kate Klunk (R-York), Frank Farry (R-Bucks) and John Hershey (R-Mifflin/Juniata/Franklin) have introduced House Bill 777 to allow social organizations to utilize small games of chance profits to meet financial obligations during the COVID-19 crisis.