Jan. 18, 2019

HARRISBURG – Rep. John Hershey (R-Franklin/Juniata/Mifflin) was assigned to serve on four standing House committees during the 2019-20 legislative session: Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Health, Human Services and Judiciary. The committees provide legislative oversight and help shape the language in bills that fall under their areas of responsibility.

“I am grateful for the many opportunities to focus on the issues that are most important to our district that will come through assignment to these committees. It’s critical that our rural needs are represented, and I have been granted the perfect seat at the table to ensure that happens,” Hershey said.

The Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee deals with an array of legislation directly impacting the state’s farmers and farming operations, timber industry, horse and harness racing regulation, food safety and restaurant inspections, Dog Law enforcement and kennel licensure, the use of pesticides and the administration of state-funded programs to promote agriculture in Pennsylvania.

The Health Committee focuses on issues such as abortion, disease management, stem cell research, health savings accounts, hospital-acquired infections, Medical Assistance, patient safety, pharmaceutical issues, telemedicine and much more.

The Human Services Committee has oversight of issues within the Department of Human Services and the Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs. Previously, it has handled legislation to address the heroin and opioid overdose crisis by trying to prevent these powerful drugs from getting into the wrong hands.

The Judiciary Committee focuses on issues and legislation relating to the Judicial Code, the Crimes Code and the Domestic Relations Code. Topics overseen by the committee include identity theft, firearms laws, domestic violence, child abuse laws, state prisons, criminal law and civil law.

Representative John Hershey
82nd Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Alison Evans
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